Welcome to the Family!

Who we are..

Jammin' Rags started as a little hobby in 2020. Some people had pandemic babies, Lynn decided on cats.. only because they have 10 kids and are proud adoptive and foster parents.

Lynn & her husband Jerome keep busy when not working their actual jobs, by keeping up with their grandkids. They have nearly 20 and even do PCA work for 2 of their autistic grandchildren. They also spend time out at the lake during the summer time, hunting in fall and even manage to go play on Detroit Mountain in the winter. They love to travel and have been known to even deliver kittens across the country! 


Crystal is her eldest child and owns Library of Rags which is a little substidy of Jammin Rags.

Crystal, Kyle and their 4 children have been raising Ragdolls since early 2022. Crystal homeschools the children and raises the fluffiest little ragdolls!


Cheyann & Tommy joined Jammin Rags in early 2023. They have 7 children and are now active as Seven Rags of Wonder. Nice name play, right? I'd say they'd have free time.. but with 7 kids, they have none. 


There of course are the other kids, but they dont need much of an introduction as their cute faces are flooded on our social media pages!!